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Procurement Services

Computing Gadget and Accessories: This includes laptops, monitors, desktops, workstations, All-in-one PCs, Convertible PCs, and their accessories.

Mobile Phones in various Operating Systems like Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mac Os for iPhones and iPads. Mobile phones accessories

Networking Equipment like ISP Modems, BTS equipment & CPEs, Routers, Switches, CCTV Camera, servers and telephony

Office Equipment like printers, scanner, projectors, photocopiers, fax, Software & utilities and all kinds of office and home use electronic gadgets

Software Services

Enterprise Software Development: Do you need a software foundation for your business? Contact us. We have over the years provided expertise in enterprise software development. Customized enterprise software

other services includes; Desktop application development, Web applications development- website design and development, System and Application software, Mobile App Development, Animation (2D & 3D), Database Management, Visual Effects (VFX), Multimedia, Software Training and support

Networking Services

The scope of network services extends from LAN/WLAN management, unified communications to Network Consulting Services and Network implementation services like; Network Design, Network Planning, Network Deployment, Cyber Security, Network Analysis and Reporting, Remote Network monitoring, Network support and Training, Premise security (CCTV, IP cameras, Access controls, Remote Backup and storage, Data Centres Design and Implementation

Telecommunication/Internet Services

Voice, data and video services over a large are, Telephone services (wired and wireless), Enterprise Office Communication (PABx, IP-PBX, Voice over IP (VOIP), Video Conference, Enterprise Mobile communication, TV Broadcasting, Broadband Wireless Communication, Home and Corporate Internet Connectivity (cable, wireless), Hotel and Events internet connections, Public Address System over IP (PA over IP) and Wireless Mobile Telephony PA

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